S2B traning plan

If your goal is to lose excess fat, gain muscle mass, feel good and healthy in your body, pain-free, or gain confidence, contact our personal trainer Erik. For high-quality workouts you can get all the accessories, such as free weights, olympic bars, kettlebells, elastic bands, balls, ropes and more from us. He will also teach you how to use them so that you will have enjoyable, interesting and varied workouts that will get the best out of you.

With many years of experience in a fitness center which was awarded the title of best in London in 2018 due to its quality, and that is located in the most affluent and sophisticated area of London, Erik will be happy to help you achieve your goals.

Even as a child, he was involved in various sports. He was participating in numerous disciplines such as athletics, dance and table tennis. He was most impressed by handball, which he played for 15 years, also in the first Slovenian league. During this period, he became interested in the functioning of the human body and how to improve, prepare and condition it and how best to prevent injuries. 

In addition, he himself wanted to gain muscle mass. All this led him to learn and constantly progress and improve himself. Others noticed the changes and started asking him for advice. From there, he knew he would be happy to help each individual achieve their fitness goals.

Get in touch with Erik on the following email pt.erik@s2be.eu, and start your journey to a better version of yourself today.