S2B Rack Arms


S2B Rack Arms, redefining strength training. Compatible with the S2B Rack.


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Step into a new era of strength training with the S2B RACK ARMS, meticulously engineered to seamlessly integrate with S2B Rack.

Their space-efficient design ensures they sit unobtrusively on the uprights, even when not actively engaged in your workout routine. Rest assured, their presence doesn’t compromise the upright’s functionality or weight-bearing capacity.

Thanks to an innovatively conceived mounting system, there’s zero risk of the S2B Rack Arms inflicting any wear or damage to the columns.

Each Rack Arm is not just a tool but a symbol of advanced training. It boasts a bumper carrier at its extremity, ushering in diverse weight-loading possibilities. As you progress, you can dial up the intensity, making each session more dynamic and rewarding. The dual grip options embedded within offer athletes the liberty to choose between wider and narrower holds, tailoring their workout to precise needs.


The iron comes with a lifetime warranty.

The product’s color warranty lasts for 24 months.

Intentional damages to the product aren’t covered by the warranty.

Delivery 14-21 days upon receipt of payment.

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