S2B OSO collars


S2B OSO collars for barbell sleeves of diamater 50mm.



S2B – OSO collars is an accessory designed to hold the plates firmly in place on the barbell sleeve.

The S2B-OSO collars are made of aluminium on the outside, and rubber coated inside to add extra grip and to hold the plate in place. It has one small plastic made handle for locking and unlocking.

It’s very easy to put it on a barbell. All you have to do, is to fully open, put it on the barbell and lock it. Easy as that.

The OSO collars difference comparing to classic Lock Jaw’s made of plastic:

  • OSO collars are more durable as they are made of aluminium.

  • OSO collars are more recommended for people who train cross-fit, due to repeated drops of the bar on the ground.

  • OSO collars have a rubber layer on the inside all around of it’s shape, comparing to classic lock jaws which have only in few spots or even none.

  • OSO collars have a stronger locking system, which definitely will  not open when hitting the ground.

  • OSO collars are also more efficient when it comes to lifetime. One time buy for a lifetime accessory, as they are almost indestructible.

OSO collars are made to fit the standard Olympic sleeve diameter 50mm.

A small accessory for big safety contribution. Because nobody wants the plate to slip off.

Available in 3 different colours:

  • Black

  • Gold

  • Silver

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Teža0,5 kg

Black, Gold, Silver


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