S2B kettlebell storage


Meet the S2B Kettlebell Storage – your ultimate organization solution. With a capacity to securely hold up to 7 competition size kettlebells and a max load of 600kg.


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The S2B kettlebell storage is a high-quality station for storing kettlebells.

It is made in Slovenia with considerably thicker iron walls that can support up to 600kg of weight and more. On each shelf, you can place as many as 7 competitive kettlebells. Its unique design will add a special charm to your gym space.

The rack is powder-coated, ensuring longer-lasting color. As our product is made in Slovenia, we have incorporated Slovenia’s symbol, Triglav, into the design of the item.

Upon customer request, the product can be personalized with a color choice and by adding the logo of your gym, club, or even your own name.

Delivery and assembly of the product are completed within 14 days from the payment of the proforma invoice.


The warranty on the iron is lifetime.

The warranty on the product’s color is 24 months.

Intentional product damages are not covered by the warranty.

Dimensions of the rack:

Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm)

   1461                    652                    1012

Dodatne informacije

Teža35 kg
Dimenzije146 × 652 × 1012 cm


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