S2B weighted vest


S2B weighted vest made to push your boundaries and trainings to the next level.


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Have you become too strong and trainings with your own weight are becoming boring?

Well the solution is the S2B weighted vest.

The S2B weighted vest, is a vest made of industrial grade polyester, with excellent elasticated securing system to minimise movement while running, jumping or completing other rigorous exercises.

When trainings are getting too easy, it’s time to get the S2B weight vest on.

In the double pocket system, with additional tightening straps, is more than safe to put the weight plates in, without the fear of falling out.

Each plate weighs 4kg and you can find them in our shop. They are for sale separately.

The plates get fitted, one in the front and one in the back. Despite the oposite positioning, if you put only one will not affect the balance of the vest. This is because of the great tightening system.

The S2B weight vest is scratch proof, so you can jump and do burpees as much as you want, the vest will not get damaged.

The polyester is waterproof and even if you are sweating like a monster, the plates and the inside will not get wet.

But, despite the tough characteristic is still very, very comfortable to wear.

The high grade polyester will not scratch your body, due to the 5mm thick foam layer on the inside.

And because of the foam layer, you can easily wear it even without a T-Shirt. We guarantee that is comfortable and there won’t be any scratches on the body.

The all around tightening system is so secure, that even doing burpees, jumping over a Plyo box, doing hand stand push ups, or walking on arms, the S2B weighted vest will not move at all.

We have tested it and we guarantee for it.

And the benefits of the vest?

  • You will gain more strength;

  • you will gain more muscles;

  • Improve endurance;

  • strengthen your bones;

  • and much more…

Sounds strange for the bones? let me explain quickly.

While we jump, lift weights, run, or do any other exercise, we stress the bones,  which subsequently leads to strengthening the bones as a reaction to increment of mineral density.

If we add weight to our body, something as the weighted vest, it means that we are producing more stress due to additional weight, which means strengthening our bones even more.

To make it more personalised, at the front and at the back is the velcro system that allows you to add patches. In this way no-one will mix up your vest.

So? how do you like it? do you think that the time has come to push you bounaries? to push your trainings to the next level?

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