S2B rubber flooring


S2B rubber flooring.


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Are you afraid to damage the floor? Do you need extra floor protection for your gym? The S2B rubber flooring 1mx1m and 3cm thick, is the solution.

The S2B rubber flooring is the solution to all the fears of getting the floor and the equipment damaged.

With the room floor covered with rubber, you can do whatever you want.

  • Jump on the box;

  • do double unders;

  • run;

  • squat;

  • drop weights;

  • slam the ball;

  • store equipment;

  • and much more… .

And some day when, if you leave the house, garage, apartment or gym, nobody will ever notice that it was used for gym purposes.

The top layer or 1cm of the S2B rubber flooring, is made of fine granulated rubber, the other 2cm are made of coarse granulated rubber.

The S2B pad will absorb most of the sound and vibration, so even if you have neighbours below you, they won’t be angry. Still in this case it’s recommended to have shock absorbent mats.

The S2B rubber pad is supper resistant. It has been tested for 5 months on the outside and exposed to extreme summer time conditions.

It has been exposed to sun, rain and salt as they have been part of the outdoor gym.

After 5 months of use, there were insignificant marks of usage.

Imagine how long it can last in the indoor gym, home gym, or even private outdoor garden gym.


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Weight15 kg
Dimensions100 × 100 × 3 cm


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