S2B peanut massage ball


S2B peanut massage ball made of solid and durable material, for a quick pain relief.


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S2B peanut massage ball, or some might call it peanut roller is made of solid and durable materials.

 It’s a great accessory for a quicker and better recovery of muscle inflammation, which leads to quicker gains on your body.

The peanut massage ball or peanut roller, it’s a great accessory to massage and get directly onto the trigger point.

What is a trigger point?

Trigger points are the painful spots of tightness, that you feel in your muscles. The term trigger point refers to the tight bands of muscles which gives the feel of pain when they become compressed. They are commonly referred to as muscle “knots”.

Within just five minutes of use, you can:

  • release the tension headaches;

  • reduce sourness;

  • reduce fatigue;

  • improve muscle performance and mobility;

  •  recover quicker from any injuries;

  • and much more.

So even going for a coffee break in the office lounge, after sitting hours behind the screen, you can massage you neck or back.

Put the peanut ball on your neck or back, press it against the wall and find the trigger point. Put some pressure on,  move up and down easily and feel the headache or muscle sourness going off.

Do you have pain in the calves due to daily running?

Sometimes the classic foam roller cant’t do the job, as they are not meant to massage directly on the trigger point. Well this is why the peanut massage ball was invented. Just sit down and put the calve on the peanut.

All you have to do is the exact same movement as you would do with the foam roller. Move forth and backward, but a bit more carefully as the peanut hits directly where necessary.

Within just five minutes a day, you can relax your muscles, body and mind. Sure it’s a bit painful when trying for the first time, but with continuity the pain will ease off, and every next time you will feel more relaxed.

The peanut massage ball It’s small and fits in any training bag, purse or a drawer in the office or at home.

It’s recommended by worldwide known physicians and physiotherapists to massage at least 2-3 times per week, or after every prolonged training session. It’s not recommended to be used on broken skin, joint inflammation or bruised skin.

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