S2B loop bands


S2B loop bands are made of strong and durable elastic. They are the solution when it comes to space.

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S2B loop bands are made of strong and durable elastic. They are the solution when it comes to space.

These elastic bands can be used in all sorts of daily exercises, including as an accessory in exercises of lifting your body, rehabilitation exercises, or simply as a substitute for weights.

A study from 2019 shows that using resistance bands provides similar strength gains comparing to using conventional gym equipment.

Resistance bands have been underrated in the past, but since the study has shown facts and results, everyone is taking them more seriously. They are effective as the weights are.

You can easily store them in any drawer at home, or take them with you on vacation. The weight of the set is only 1kg.

Just imagine how many exercises can you make with only 5 bands. You can simulate every exercises, which you would usually be doing on a machine in the gym.

You can use the S2B loop bands for:

  • pull ups;

  • face row;

  • biceps curl;

  • chest fly;

  • leg extension;

  • front row;

  • and much more…

The S2B loop bands are an ideal solution for anyone who doesn’t have enough room in their home, to store the classic big equipment.

Even if you have a lack of confidence, you can use them at home, gain some strength, lose some belly, get toned,  gain the confidence and then hit the gym.

The S2B loop bands are beneficial and recommended to be used for post injury treatment. Due to different weight simulation, they will fit the purpose of any rehabilitation exercises.

Starting from the strongest one:

  • Green – 45mm – Simulation of 56.6 Kg

  • Purple – 33mm – Simulation of 38.5 KG

  • Black – 21mm -Simulation of 29.0 Kg

  • Red – 13mm -Simulation of 15.5 Kg

S2B loop bands, are cost effective, beneficial, easy to store, light enough to carry them anywhere and most of all a great piece of equipment for every day use. You can use them at home, in a park, in the gym or in the garage. The choice is yours.

Additional information

Weight1 kg

13mm, 21mm, 29mm, 45mm, Komplet


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