S2B HEX – Dumbbells


S2B HEX dumbbells, made of high quality rubber.

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S2B HEX dumbbells, made for people who’s lifestyle is active.

S2B HEX dumbbells are meant for anyone who’s taking a serious step into the lifting/active lifestyle, or just adding weights to the home gym. If you are thinking of your new home gym, the S2B HEX dumbbells are the choice.

The weight ball is covered with high quality and durable rubber. The handle is made of stainless and it has engraved knurling for a better grip. The handle diameter is 30mm and the length is 130mm.

The diameter of the rubber depends of the weight. Weights and dimensions available, follows:

  • 2.5KG – 80mm

  • 5KG – 100mm

  • 7.5KG -115mm

  • 10KG – 140mm

  • 12.5KG – 140mm

  • 15KG – 145mm

  • 17.5KG – 150mm

  • 20KG – 160mm

  • 22.5KG – 170mm

  • 25KG – 190mm

  • 27.5KG – 190mm

The Hexagonal shape is made, so they can be used in various exercises. Due to its shape, they are stable to perform various exercises, some of them listed below. Because they are rubber made, the floor is much more safe.

Still we recommend to use S2B rubber flooring for protection, noise and vibration absorption.

Few exercises below:

  • devil press;

  • hex push ups;

  • hand stand push up;

  • single arm snatch;

  • and much more… .

The classic workouts of body building are not excluded with the S2B HEX dumbbells. Even better, there are more benefits.

Imagine that you are doing a set, until failure. Steel or iron made weights, when you drop them will damage the floor and make a lot of noise. Not just that, the classic rounded shape will make them to roll away.

The S2B HEX dumbbells, will make less noise, and because of the shape they will not roll away. The floor is much safer because of the rubber. They will re-bounce a little bit and then stop.

They have been tested on various floors, as concrete, asphalt and sand. All we can say they are really tough. Is still nor recommended to drop them on the floor mentioned before as some damage to the S2B HEX dumbbells will occur.

You will not regret the purchase.

S2B HEX dumbbells are sold individually.

Additional information

Weight27 kg

2.5 KG, 5 KG, 7.5 KG, 10 KG, 12.5 KG, 15 KG, 17.5 KG, 20 KG, 22.5 KG, 25 KG, 27.5 KG


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