S2B foam massage roller


S2B foam massage roller, for a quicker pain relief massage.


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S2B foam massage roller it’s a great accessory for a quicker and better recovery of muscle inflammation, which leads to quicker gains on your body.

It’s often used for injury recoveries, but not excluded for a warm up before starting your training session.

It is highly suggested that foam massage roller is used prior to the workout, as it increases the flexibility and athletic performance of the muscle.

The S2B foam roller is designed to massage and to reduce sourness in the muscles.

It stimulates the muscle fibres and the deep muscle tissues, which has the same benefit as going to a massage therapist -just with the comfort of staying at home.

Some benefits of the foam roller:

  • Better posture;

  • quicker muscle recovery;

  • speeds up post injury recovery;

  • increases blood flow;

  • reduces risks of injuries;

  • increases the range of motion;

  • convenience.

All of the above can easily be stored in a drawer at home, or even at the office. The dimensions are 33cm long, 15cm wide and it weighs only 780grams.

Repeating the massaging exercises 2-3 times per week, can drastically improve your flexibility and speeds up the achievement of your goals.

Foam massage rollers and other self massage methods are highly recommended from world wide known physicians, physiotherapist and personal trainers.

It’s affordable, easy to store and almost indestructible.

The conversion rate is very high when you compare what are the benefits that you get for the price you pay.

One time payment, for lifetime massage in the comfort of your home watching TV, talking to your partner, using it on your own or public gym.


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