S2B bumper plates


S2B bumper plates are made of strong, thick and durable rubber.



S2B bumper plates are made of strong, thick and durable rubber.

The bumper plates were designed because of many reasons, especially because of the safety when it comes to cross-fit and Olympic style of lifting.

The tough rubber can be dropped from heights over the head without getting damaged. At the same time the rubber structure absorbs the noise of the drop, which subsequently leads to quieter workout.

Because they are rubber made, even if you drop it directly on the floor where is no protection, most likely there will be no damage. However if you care about your floor, don’t do it, rather get some S2B rubber flooring.

It’s not safer just for the floor, but also because of the absorption of the vibration, it also reduces the risk of damaging the barbell.

They do re-bounce but on a very low height. So if you drop it from above head, don’t worry it will not bounce back on the same level.

S2B bumper plates are recommended for anyone, who is doing weightlifting or cross-fit, but not excluded for classic gym’s.

The diameter of the hole, is made for standard Olympic barbells of 50mm sleeves. The over all diameter is a classic 450mm, by choosing heavier S2B bumpers, will change just the thickness.

The warranty on the S2B bumper plates is rated to 10.000,00 drops on the floor. We think it’s quite a good warranty. Well if you want them to last forever, maybe is better to drop them on some protected floor.

However, we were testing them on several grounds, as dropping them on sand, coarse sand, asphalt and concrete. The damage is almost invisible, just a few spots due to drops on sharp forms.

So if you are building a home or garden gym, if you are a cross-fit or gym owner, the S2B bumper plates are the perfect product. Because of the black mat colour, with small and decent logo they will fit perfectly and elegant in any space.

Available weights:

  • 5KG

  • 10KG

  • 15KG

  • 20KG

  • 25KG

S2B bumper plates are sold in pairs.

Additional information

Weight20 kg

5 KG, 10 KG, 15 KG, 20 KG, 25 KG


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