S2B battle-rope


Battle rope 12m long 5cm thick.


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S2B battle rope is an accessory that will take you to new dimensions of physical fitness.

With the help of the S2B battle-rope, you develop coordination, gain stamina and strengthen your strength.

The S2B battle rope is 5 cm thick, 12 meters long and weighs 15kg. Quite a monster isn’t it?

You never heard of the battle ropes?  They were designed by John Brookfield in the 2006. The benefits were so good, that later one the battle ropes where used in trainings for:

  • Special forces;

  • The Cincinnati bengals (American football team);

  • The Olympic wrestling team.

Later on they became a part of every functional training program.

Both ends of the rope, are covered in thick and durable rubber, for a better grip during the training. The whole rope is made of industrial polyester, which gives her a long lasting life.

It was tested by us, on surfaces like, concrete, sand and asphalt, to prove the toughens of the S2B battle rope. All we can say is that she is tough. Almost no damage occurred.

The benefits you gain by using the battle ropes are:

  • gain strength;

  • gain stamina;

  • improve cardio vascularity;

  • strengthen the core;

  • improve coordination, connection body and mind;

  • and much more…

They are very easy to use, just put it around a shackle, tree or a pall. Wherever it fits to be put around, just avoid sharp shapes of metal. The hole length of 12meters gets now divided in two times 6 meters. Make both sides equally long, slightly band your knees, tighten your core and START.

The S2B battle-rope, is a great and durable accessory. One of those that you need to buy only one time in your life. Because it will last forever.

What are you waiting for? are you ready to achieve new goals, new strength and stamina levels?

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Weight12 kg
Dimensions90 × 40 × 40 cm


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