S2B Backpack


The S2B backpack, is a backpack that you have always dreamed of.




The S2B backpack, is a backpack that you have always dreamed of.

It is made of durable and strong industrial polyester which is water and scratch proof. The capacity of the S2B backpack is 50l combined in 8 compartments.

The main compartment has a foam protected area, designated for laptops. At the same time in the main compartment there are two net made pockets to store, let’s say small important documents.

The small top compartment is the one you could use to store earphones, phone or keys.

The second main compartment is a space that you can use for shoe storage. It also has a small pocket to store smaller things.

The bottom compartment is perfectly sized for a note book, with the extra pockets to put in pens, markers and pencils.

The last compartment is the compartment on the back, where you can store the most important documents. They will always be protected by your back, and they won’t get damaged or soaked with sweat, as the compartment is protected by a 5mm thick foam and a waterproof layer.

Same goes for the suspenders, they are covered by a 5mm thick foam, which will make the hike, travel or a walk in park more comfortable. The S2B backpack has many straps, with which you adjust the backpack to your needs.

On each side of the S2B backpack, there is a net that you can store bottles. Just a tip, the S2B shakers fit perfectly. Otherwise you can store bottles up to 750ml.

On the top of the backpack you can fit the embroidery flags, which get easily attached to the velcro system and make the backpack even more personalised.

The backpack opens flat, and it can be used as hand luggage onboard airplanes. Inside the S2B backapack will fit enough wardarobe for a weekend getaway.

Our test has shown that you can store in the S2B backpack:

  • 1pc jeans

  • 1pc track suit

  • 2pcs sweaters

  • 6pcs of underwear

  • 7 pairs of socks

  • 1pc toiletry bag

  • 1pc headphones

  • 1pc powerbank

  • 1pc bluetooth speaker

  • 1pc go Pro with the stabiliser

  • 1pc water bottle

The S2B backpack will become your best travel, hiking or training buddy.

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg

Typhoon, Black, Tan, Red, Gray


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