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Shaker S2B V2, is a shaker with a volume of 500ml. Inside the shaker is mounted a spring connected to a plastic handle. This will prevent loosing the spring again.

How many times have you had you gym bag full of goods, just to shake a drink after the session?

The bottom of the shaker has 3 compartments. Two compartments for powder drinks, and one compartment split in 3 for tablets.

This shaker is the solution to all the problems. Everything you need prior, in-between or at the end of your session in one shaker.

If you have the S2B backpack, then you can put it inside the side pockets meant for bottles. It fits perfectly.

Sounds good? There is even more.

The plastic is very durable, even if not recommended it can be washed in a dishwasher. Hygiene first.

The cap of the shaker has a very tight closing system, so you don’t have to worry, that the drink will get spilled while shaking.

The S2B shaker V2 is available in two colours:

  • Black and White

  • Black and Yellow

If you buy both of them, you can combine the colours as the bottom containers can be combined between them.

You can even make it bigger or smaller, by adding or taking off containers.

What a shaker.




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Rumena, Bela


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